About The NIB

Launched in 2008 from Paris, France, the journal No Innocent Bystanders (NIB) is a quarterly on-line review of ideas, debates, writing, policy trends, and other traces of "applied philosophy" in contemporary France and Europe. It does not pretend to be exhaustive, but it does aspire to be informative and stimulating.

: The notion of the moral responsibility of individuals is one of the pillars of European humanism and a useful perspective for understanding what is going on in Europe today (often by its absence). In Europe this notion cuts completely across east/west, prewall/postwall, socialist/capitalist, economics/all-the-rest, and other even less useful cleavages. Europe — the continent of the examined life according to Jan Patocka — was once and may be the future home of some creative ways of thinking about life on the planet, ways that prove to be less destructive of human beings than the recent Occident has manufactured for shipment around the globe.

The NIB is interested in the implications of European action and the applications of European thought. Why? Not because of any continental pretensions to global leadership but simply because 400 million highly-educated individuals crowded into one of the densest corners of the globe, maintaining a striking variety of lifestyles, a commitment to living together, and a lively interest in culture have consistently come up with some intriguing ideas — particularly to the extent that they are willing to own both the best and the worst of their long, long past. Something similar can be said about other global regions and civilizations. NoInnocentBystanders will be looking for the links.

: The NIB seeks well-written texts from informed contributors who understand the purpose of this journal. Articles are unpaid, and authors retain copyrights for any contribution. Texts should be submitted in either English or French (to be translated) and should correspond to the format of the texts found in the section "Observations" or "Reviews". The NIB emphasizes good writing which appeals to the pleasure of reading. Queries may be sent to

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